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Dear Women Who Travel:

Our staff spends weeks and months screening each gentleman to ensure his personality, character, integrity and dance skills are suited for The Gentlemen Host ® Program. When we extend an invitation to a Gentlemen Host®, we do so with the confidence that his presence on the cruise ship will be an enhancement to you, the other solo women guests, the general guests aboard the ship and, of course, the cruise company.

A vital part of this process is your feedback. We want to know what we're doing right and where we can improve. Please send us your input and recommendations. We will share your information among ourselves to improve our dedication to you and our Gentlemen Hosts®, and, if need be, with the cruise companies themselves.

We invite you to call us at our Chicago office at 1-708-301-7535 or send us an email at women@theworkingvacation.com. If you are sending us an email, it is very helpful if you include dates, ships, and Host names. Any personal information you include about yourself, including your email address, will be kept confidential.

Very best regards,


Lauretta T. Blake, President
LAURETTA BLAKE The Working Vacation ® Inc.
The Gentlemen Host ® Program

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