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The Working Vacation & The Gentlemen Host Program

Our Standards

Why The Gentlemen Host ® Program is a 6 STAR Success…

We guarantee that our Gentlemen Hosts® have:

1. Submitted their applications with substantiating personal reference materials.
2. Successfully completed a professional Dance Review evaluation.
3. Attended both a General Meeting and an individual interview.
4. Read the extensive Guidelines Booklet of Gentlemen Host® responsibilities.
5. Signed formal agreements to follow the established traditions of hosting.
6. Satisfactorily passed a thorough background check.

Induction into hosting further requires that our Gentlemen Host® Volunteers:

1. Assemble the proper wardrobe.
2. Provide a written biography for shipboard use.
3. Sign an agreement specifying no romantic involvement with guests.
4. Purchase emergency evacuation insurance.
5. Provide the information necessary for the completion of a background check.
5. Assist us with written and verbal feedback following cruises so that our program continues to maintain its high level of satisfaction.

These standards and the dedication of those involved are what make our program and our Gentlemen Host® volunteers the very best social and dance hosts in the cruise industry.

We are the premier 6 STAR HOST PROGRAM in the cruise industry today.

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