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The Working Vacation & The Gentlemen Host Program

Gentlemen Hosts® Biographies

As a Gentlemen Host you will be required to submit a bio that will serve to introduce you to the cruise staff. Think of it as your business card. Your bio should be approximately 200 words in length, and written in the third person. Make it interesting and colorful because you never know who will be reading it later.

We've included a sample of bios sent to us by six of our current Gentlemen Hosts. Thank you gentlemen!



Bill Barber

The Working Vacation, Inc. first introduced Bill Barber to The Gentlemen Host Program in July 2002.

Bill was born and raised in New York City. He received his BS and MS degrees in physical education from Brooklyn College. He taught for many years in the New York City High Schools.

Bill became the activities director and the senior director for the Professional and Alumni Associations and Breakaway Tours in New York City. He organized cocktail and tennis parties, museum and winery tours, canoe trips and art auctions in New York City. He escorted tours to Europe and the Caribbean. Bill is also a graduate of the International Tour and Management Institute in San Francisco. It was a wonderful job that gave him the opportunity to travel and have a good time with the activities and people that he organized.

Bill was also the owner and manager of Gabby’s Restaurants in Roswell, Georgia, for ten years. He has been residing in Park City, Utah where he skis, hikes, bikes, and takes part in the cultural activities in Salt Lake City. He is part of a very active ballroom dance scene in Salt Lake.


The Netherlands

Joop Bergervoet

The Working Vacation, Inc. first introduced Joop Bergervoet to The Gentlemen Host Program in May 2003.

Joop is a “Dutchman”, born and raised in The Netherlands. He has worked in The Netherlands, and in Gran Canaria (Spain) and he has been a volunteer handball trainer for 15 years. He has had several businesses in The Netherlands and in Spain. Joop has worked as an independent worker for more than 22 years, and after that, 8 years as a catering manager employee, at a sports and cultural center in Westervoort.

When not working Joop is playing handball or tennis, horse riding or visiting the sauna, attending dance parties or musicals, enjoying culinary delights. Although he has learned a lot he always wants to learn new things. At the moment he is following a dance course for silver plus star.

Joop is always trying to find new challenges, and looking forward to meeting new people.



Sheldon Brook

The Working Vacation, Inc. first introduced Sheldon Brook to The Gentlemen Host Program in April 1996.

Sheldon was raised on the Jersey Shore and attended Monmouth College in West Long Branch, New Jersey. He is a veteran of the Korean War and completed his education, after his service, at the University of Alabama with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Before his retirement, Sheldon worked for 35 years as a professional engineer in the water and wastewater utility field. During that period, he lived and worked in numerous cities from San Antonio, Texas to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania before settling in Florida.

His two daughters were brought up in Gainesville, Florida and both graduated from the University in that city. The youngest, a computer engineer, lives with her husband and two children in Parkland, Florida. Her older sister lives and works as a fashion buyer in Los Angeles. Sheldon travels as often as possible to visit them both.

Sheldon has many and varied interests which include stage magic, scuba, cards, art, bicycling, traveling, "the music of Sinatra" and ballroom dancing. In the 1990's he performed as a supernumerary, in many roles, with the Orlando Opera Company. When he isn't cruising he now works part-time as a substitute high school teacher and with Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.



Craig Gustin

The Working Vacation, Inc. first introduced Craig Gustin to The Gentlemen Host Program in December 1995.

Craig enjoys meeting people, dancing, and helping others gain the most pleasure from their cruising experience.

A founder of his own management consulting firm, Craig has worked with business executives worldwide for more than twenty years. He continues to utilize the knowledge acquired from earning a Doctorate in Business Administration through frequent publishing, speaking, and participation in seminars and workshops. Prior to entering private enterprise, Craig was a Captain in the U.S. Air Force. He is also active in several professional, fraternal and social groups.

While Craig makes his home in Atlanta, he previously lived throughout California for more than twenty years. Prior to moving to California, he lived in Chicago, Illinois. Craig enjoys skiing during the winter months and a variety of outdoor activities in the summer. He has been an active member of several regional Jaguar automobile associations, and shows his two vintage Jaguars on a regular basis.

Craig has traveled -- for both business and pleasure -- in the U.S., Europe, and the Pacific Rim. He finds interacting with new people to be one of the most rewarding aspects of travel and looks forward to helping everyone enjoy their time both aboard the ship and ashore.



Bill Haasters

The Working Vacation, Inc. first introduced Bill Haasters to The Gentlemen Host Program in May 1996.

Bill is a native New Yorker and registered Architect in New York State. He designed and managed major projects in New York, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri and Texas. Bill was Senior Director of Major Design Coordination at New York Health & Hospitals Corporation; consulting architect with the Port Authority and NYC School Construction Authority, and is now Director of Consolidation Planning at the NYC Department of Transportation. His experience includes construction management and design of award-winning projects including healthcare and government buildings.

Bills favorite sport is dancing – swing, country-western and ballroom, and he is frequently the dance instructor on cruises. Other hobbies include investigating the natural environment, visiting architecturally novel places, painting in watercolor, and trying to complete full sentences in German, Spanish and French with new friends on board. He has been a member of the public speaking group Toastmasters International, Kiwanis, and professional architectural organizations. His favorite pastime is developing new friends into old friends.



Joe Slye

The Working Vacation, Inc. first introduced Joe Slye to The Gentlemen Host Program in March 2002.

Joe Slye was born in Washington, DC, and grew up in suburban Virginia. He went to school in Washington, and while a student at American University, began his government career at the White House, where he remained through two administrations. With a Masters Degree in Public Relations, Joe served as Director of Public Affairs at four federal agencies. It was during this time that he developed a government wide program to train federal leaders, Cabinet and sub-Cabinet members, in media interview skills and public speaking techniques.

As a successful federal executive, Joe was selected to serve as a management consultant to federal leaders all over the globe, designing and conducting workshops and seminars to help them streamline work processes, develop leadership, and become customer focused.

Retired from the federal government in 2000, Joe now enjoys consulting in his two areas of expertise: media training and management consulting. He helps corporate leaders, elected officials, federal and association executives develop key messages and plan communication strategies to help them look and sound their best. A media relations expert, speechwriter, and public speaking coach, as well as a change management consultant, he is frequently invited to conferences and meetings as a guest speaker.

Joe is most proud of his three daughters, one in college and two recent graduates. When they’re not traveling, they all live in Alexandria, Virginia. Joe recently spent time in Tuscany at a cooking school, where he refined his cooking skills, much to the delight of his family and friends.


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