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Dear Ms Blake,

I would like you to know how very much my traveling companion, Mimi, and I enjoyed the dance hosts during our recent trip to the Caribbean. I had not anticipated a chance to learn new steps, to be able to bring back old skills and simply enjoy dancing until after midnight. Your gentlemen hosts were, indeed, gentlemen and were very conscientious about attending to any woman who was there on her own and I can attest to the fact that the women were all delighted. Knowing that your agency takes care in selecting your hosts put us at our ease.

I would not consider a trip that did not include dancers from your agency; dancing was the highlight of our trip.

If it is possible, would you please pass along these remarks to our genial and talented gentlemen: Heintz, John, Brendan, Anthony, Gregory and Ted with our warmest thanks.

Gentlemen, we will never forget you!


L. Derbecker
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I was fortunate enough to sail from Southampton to NYC. It was a delightful experience, enriched by the presence of the Gentlemen Host Program you provided on board.

I must tell you that all the gentlemen were "perfect gentlemen" and of highest character. I do admit that I had reservations about this kind of arrangement but came away most pleased. We hardly had a moment to rest between dances, they were so attentive.

Here are the names that should receive our thanks for making our evenings so pleasant:

Brandon, Peter, Heinz, Ron, Gregory and James.

Hope to meet all or some of them again.

Thank you,

Diane White
Charlotte, North Carolina

I stumbled on to your website by accident. It was a pleasure to read, I didn't know they had something like this on cruises. I love to meet knew people, love to dance and love to travel, but I don't know if my dance skills are up to your standards. I have never tried ballroom dancing. I guess I can only dream.

A. Kristy
Cleveland, Ohio

editor's note: While you're dreaming, be sure to take a look at the Ohio USABDA chapter at: http://www.usabda224oh.us/. With some practice and lessons, you may be a natural. If so, please contact us again.

Question about dance host, do cruise ships ever need women hosts? or dance instructors.

K. Pucci
Midvale, Utah

editor's note: We don't place cruise hostesses but we do have occasional openings for male and/or female dance instructors. For dance instructors, it's often a request for a pair (two men, a husband & wife team, etc.). Although our Presenter application is tailored for speakers, we also use this form for dance instructors. I encourage you to go to our Presenter page and download a form.

I am thinking strongly about applying. I will send for an information packet.

E. Weidig
Guanajuato, Mexico

editor's note: We encourage Mr. Weidig to complete our online request form. We often have openings for cruises originating in countries other than the USA & UK. To qualify for these Gentlemen Hosts® cruises, the candidate must be fluent in English, and must also attend a personal meeting. We will attempt to schedule this meeting to take place near the candidate's home, but it may be necessary for him to travel to the US for this meeting. Dancers unable to attend a personal meeting, but still possessing the necessary dance and language skills, may be eligible for openings in our sister company DanceHosts.com.

The Working Vacation's GH program is fantastic: officers, gentlemen, good dancers, and great companions for single women of all ages. I will only sail on ships with GHs, and I can't wait for my next cruise.

K. Davis
New York, New York

Dear Lauretta,

I was on the crossing from New York to Southampton. Two of the hosts made this crossing particularly pleasant. Colin and Erland are excellent examples of what gentlemen hosts should be.

Both are excellent dancers and are very personable. They are totally professional and treat us all with respect and consideration. They made my trip very special.

Thank you for administering this excellent program.


Janet Sigal

As soon as I complete my dance classes, I will request an information form. And be sure to e-mail me any info you can thanks.

T. Turner
Detroit, Michigan

editor's note: Hi Mr. Turner, feel free to fill out the online information request form whenever you're ready. The form goes to our Chicago office and they'll send out a packet which will include the name and address of the nearest dance reviewer(s) in your area. There is no fee or obligation until you actually sign up for your first cruise.

I took a cruise 9/15 to 9/22. Stan C. and Richard P. were the Dance Hosts. They were exceptional GENTLEMEN. That is capitalized because that was what evinced itself in their demeanor and behavior. They were both good dancers and made each solo lady feel special. They handled their tasks not as a "job", but as something they did enjoy doing and by handling it in this manner we felt special.

I loved to dance. My late husband did not so had not danced for 30 years..Richard and Stan were great and made my cruise very special.

I was anxious for you to know how much they added to my enjoyment of the cruise and they certainly deserve a large "atta boy" and "job well done"

R. G. Vina
Dallas, Texas

I recently returned from my first cruise on the Universe Explorer to Alaska. What a delightful surprise to discover dance hosts available as part of the package. Jim T. encouraged many of us "reluctant" passengers to participate, and what a missed opportunity for those who didn't! He was friendly, funny, and enthusiastic. I had an opportunity to learn many new steps and dance with professionals who made me, the amateur, look amazingly good!
More importantly, I reconnected with how much I love to dance and immediately enrolled in a swing class when I got home. I'll definitely look for the host program on any future cruises I consider.

J. Hofer
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Thanks to Ben C. for adding much to my enjoyment of an Alaskan cruise on the Universe Explorer. Ben is very professional, kind and helpful to inexperienced dancers. He was also a joy to dance with for us "mature" and therefore more seasoned dancers.

P. Nestor
Yorba Linda, California

I'm new to Ballroom Dancing, male (54) and single. I stumbled across your site while reviewing other Ballroom Dance locations. Joining the Gentlemen Host Program, in the future (if accepted), I think would be absolutely "enchanting". I can't think of anything better, than being able to combine a Cruise,with dancing, and then be a "gentleman" in the fullest sense of the word, to help unescorted ladies enjoy their cruise.

I would like to write a proper letter of introduction,to hopefully be kept on file for future reference. Could
you supply the name of a contact person?

Thank you for your time

D. Leekie
Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

I watched a report on the German TV. Being a Gentlemen Host must be great. My best wishes to all friends of dancing.

R. Goetsch
Rostock, Germany

Enjoyed reading all the comments in your guest book. Also think your presentation of the hosts is very good. I would like to take a Big Band Cruise in the fall of 2002. Are there any available? Would appreciate any information I could get on these type of cruises. Thank-you.

J. Macie
Fonthill, Ontario, Canada

I recently returned from a cruise to Bermuda. These great guys, Peter, Garry, Bill and Peter #2, were kept quite busy as many single ladies who loved to dance were on board this cruise. They were great dancers and perfect gentlemen and I thank you for having them along to help us single ladies enjoy the cruise so much more by having dancing partners. I had someone take a picture of all of them with us to send for your Photo Gallery but it did not turn out and I am sorry for that.

Keep up the good work!

I. Gray
Searcy, Arkansas

I recently returned from a cruise to Scandinavia and the Balkans. I was thrilled to find 3 dance hosts aboard! My cousin and I both love to dance! This added tons of enjoyment to our vacation.

Our three hosts were marvelous. All of them were entertaining conversationally, as well as being excellent dancers. They were polite, and very good leads, so it was always easy to follow anything they did. They taught me several new steps, which I'm always glad to have. I'd be happy to find any one of them on the next cruise I go on!

Thanks for having this wonderful program....it sure adds much joy for us single women, and is also a great way to meet other single women. Thanks for letting me give you another positive report about your dance hosts.


A. Timmerman
Omro Wisconsin

editor's note: We always appreciate feedback from cruise passengers. Thank you A. Your entire letter was forwarded to our staff.

I recently returned from an Alaska cruise. Marlin (Lin) and Gerald were your gentlemen hosts on board.

Both of these gentlemen were excellent dancers who also functioned as dance instructors on this cruise. They are fine examples of your continuing ongoing efforts to hire gentlemen of integrity and wit with above average dancing skills. Before booking any cruise, I check to be sure the gentlemen host program is part of it. As a veteran cruiser and a single woman traveling independently, I find the host program the social backbone of any cruise.

Lin gave each of us your card thus giving me quick access to your e-mail and website.

Keep up the good work.

L. Mast
Midland, Michigan

Just a note of appreciation for the hosts you provided for the Canal trip. Enjoyed dancing with all four which made my cruise a really special vacation. Good variety of personalities and dancing styles. My thanks to you, George H, Charles C, Earl and G.T., the champion dancer. I normally dance twice a week at home.

G. Densmore

John, Dewey, David and Bill who were your dance hosts on my recent cruise were shining examples of your competent, courteous and attentive hosts. Genuinely nice people, they were a pleasure to know as well as to dance with. They were the 'icing on the cake' of excellent tours and wonderful meals and service throughout.

Mrs. B. Mawford
Isle of Wight, England

I have just returned from a 9 day Alaskan cruise aboard the S.S. Universe Explorer ( and I would recommend it to anyone!) One of the most pleasurable activities on board was the evening dancing, hosted by Craig and Clifton. Unfortunately, very few ladies, or couples, seemed to be aware of the opportunity to take part in this classic pastime. While this was to my benefit - I often had the gentlemen to myself, which resulted in private dance lessons - I can imagine how much more fun it would have been had there been more people on the dance floor. Kudos to both gentlemen for not complaining when I showed up night after night to capture their attention. Thank you for your patience and skill in guiding me around the dance floor. And I hope to run into you again on a future cruise. Bravo!

M. Olafson
Winnipeg, Canada

Last November a friend and I took a two week cruise not realizing we would be having dance hosts on board. It really made the cruise! Jack, Alex, Joe and Bren were kept very busy as there were quite a few single ladies on board but they were all a congenial bunch and Bren even tried to keep dancing when he was ill one evening! What a trooper! After that I have asked if hosts are on all of the cruises I book on. I am going on another two week cruise in a couple of weeks and it also has hosts as that is now a requirement! Keep up the good work. I think all of the cruises of a week or more should have hosts as so many single ladies cruise and many do love to dance. You are furnishing a great service to us.

I. Gray
Searcy, Arkansas

I read the material on your web site with interest. I am semi-retired, 51 years old and may be interested in becoming a host. I am from Idaho. I have been on three cruises in the last two years. I suspect you don't get many applicants from Idaho.

J. Ferebauer

My partner and I have been on 3 cruises where there were GH's. One point that had not been brought out in the various guest comments and elsewhere on your site, is that having hosts dramatically changes the dance environment, because couples who dance would come out to dance, and dance more often, when there are many people dancing, whereas no one wants to be the solitary dancer in an empty room. On the Royal Princess, after dinner, nobody showed up for the dancing, and often my partner and I were the only ones in the dance lounge, and of course, the bands played without enthusiasm or feeling when no one's really dancing. With the hosts, the single women show up to dance, and the couples, even if not expert dancers, would show up also.

PC Mar
Hong Kong

Interesting program for fun & travel. Approximately how many years of classes does it take? I am about 6 months into classes, but doubt if I will ever become an expert in Latin dance. Thanks.

E. Hammond
Manchester, New Hampshire

editor's note: It's not necessary for you to be an expert at all dances. Our best Hosts are friendly, outgoing men who enjoy being with people. That person is not always the best dancer in the room. The number of dancing years to reach our minimum level of proficiency will vary from individual to individual. Gentlemen Hosts®, would one of you like to respond to this question?

I thoroughly enjoyed being a gentleman host and look forward to doing it again

N. Kuperberg
Freehold, New Jersey

I just returned from a Big Band Cruise. I thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. Of course the best part was THE DANCE HOSTS they were great ALAN, GIL, JIM, FRED. VERY COURTEOUS. I know they worked hard to dance with us all. I THANK THEM. I hope for future BIG BAND CRUISES you can have at least 8 or more host. THANKS.

A.R. Grande
Dearborn, Michigan

I didn't miss a dance, from Fort Lauderdale to Barbados. It would have been pretty quiet without them. Keep up the good work engaging these neat men who not only dance in time, but also can carry on conversation.

V. Crews
Anchorage, Alaska

I found you while surfing the web. I am looking forward to receiving the requested information on becoming one of your dance hosts. Keep up the good work.

L. Harris
Laguna Niguel, California

Is it possible to tell which cruises have GHs and are still available? What do the listings in the cruises section which are in red mean?

F. Rizzo
Chicago, Illinois

editor's note: All of the cruises listed on our cruise pages have GHs. Since the schedule changes rapidly, it's best if you call or email. The red lettering you see on some of the cruises is there to grab your attention because it's a Big Band cruise or a cruise with a high number of Hosts.

I recently returned from a Big Band Cruise. All four dance hosts were terrific, Alan, Jim, Gil and Fred. They had to work extremely hard as there were MANY women on board! Probably 8 hosts would have been an appropriate number especially on those cruises that are advertised as Big Band. They demonstrated the utmost respect and courtesy and tried as much as possible to ensure opportunities for dancing for all the women. Thank you!

L. Wadas
Ontario, Canada

I have served as Dance Host on two cruises and have signed up for another in Europe. As I dance every night in Dallas, it is not completely different life style when I dance every night as a Dance Host. It is truly a great life style and one that I continue to dream about nearly every night!!

B. Berry
Dallas, Texas

Passenger Poem #2


Here's to Charlie, David, Jack and Ryan
To your leads I keep trying
I have rumba'd, waltzed, and rock and rolled
And, if the truth be told
I have cast aside my worldly cares
While dancing with these lovely Fred Astaires

By Mrs. F. Heiner
aboard the Royal Viking Sun

"The Gentleman Host" program sounds very interesting. I spent five years in the Merchant Marine industry working in the Stewards Department serving first class passengers. Your program maybe a way for me to get back to sea when I retire next year. Good Luck

M. Layne
Garden City, New York

I read about your Gentlemen Hosts in the London Sunday Times and reviewed your great web site. Looks like this all might be great fun for my upcoming retirement. I've been around ships and sailboats all my life, and I love to dance! You'll hear more from me!

B. Norton
Koenigstein, Germany

Became very interested when I saw and read the article re: Gentlemen Hosts in VIA magazine. I'm retired and love to dance. Looking into this journey of life. Thanks

J.L. Clark
Fortuna, California

editor's note: We sent Mr. Clark an informational packet, and look forward to interviewing him.

Some day I will give this a try.

A. Kirkpatrick
Etobicoke, Canada

My family (parents, brothers, sister-in-law, grandmother) and I were on the week-long cruise to the Western Carribean. We were delightfully surprised to find out that the Glenn Miller Orchestra was the entertainment on the ship. What also was a wonderful surprise was that there were six dance hosts! I have not danced in a long time and LOVE ballroom dancing.

It just made my cruise to be able to dance with professionals who could twirl me around the floor to this beautiful music. I would have been so miserable if the Glenn Miller Orchestra were playing and I had no one to dance with.

The gentlemen hosts for that cruise - Steve Litwack, Ken King, Jack, John, GT and Helmut - were great. They were all easy to dance with, laugh with, and they danced every dance, every night!

It was an interesting mix of personalities: Steve was the fun, crazy guy - I loved doing the cha cha with him; Ken was a relaxed, fluid dancer (due to his involvement in the dance contest circuit, I would imagine); Jack was great at the swing; and John, GT, and Helmut were wonderful dancers too. I danced with each of the hosts many times and just had a blast! There were several single women on the ship and I think all of us were well taken care of!

I wish you had female dance hosts too - my brother would have loved that.

Thank you so much for providing the "magic" for me on the cruise. It just wouldn't have been the same without "the guys". Your service made the difference between a great cruise, and a wonderful, magical cruise to be remembered always.

My family plans to take more cruises in the future, and my number one question will be, "Will you have dance hosts on board?"


D. Gershman
Jersey City, New Jersey

What a delight to see your website--and on the very day you have pictures of two of the four hosts that were on my cruise-of-a-lifetime. Harold Einarsson and Jack Durant were such a joy on the Big Band Panama Canal cruise. I was a single, newly retired woman who loved music and never really had an opportunity to dance before. But my lack of skills didn't phase either one of them. I actually felt like a dancer when dancing with them. And they somehow made all us dancers into a cohesive informal group of friends.

I had such a wonderful, elegant time that I extended the one-way 10-day cruise to a two-way 20-day cruise. And I have never regretted a moment (or a dollar) of it: a quality cruise line with quality Gentlemen Hosts and beautiful memories to last a lifetime.

Thank you for your service and your website to bring back the memories. I can see the dancers, feel the music, and hear the laughter right now. :-)

J. Davis
San Francisco, California

editor's note: J. Davis sent this follow-up message a few days after her original post.

Just a P.S.

I was so happy and surprised to see pictures of two of our hosts that I realize my math was off. We had five Gentlemen Hosts, and I hope to see pictures of the other three on your site. We called them The Fabulous 5: Ted Hipwell, Vince Brotherton, Jack Durant, Reginald Nichols, and Harold Einarsson.

The most unusual thing about them to me was that they were each distinctly different personalities with different dance styles--just like the guests. That made it very special to be with "real people" who obviously enjoyed and respected each other as well as us.

Thanks again for your service. I'm looking forward to my next cruise, with Gentlemen Hosts, of course.

J. Davis
San Francisco, California

Attention: Sales and Marketing

Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Dance Hosts

As an MCC Cruise consultant who specializes in organizing group cruises I wish to stress the need for cruise hosts on all cruises of any duration.

I escorted a group of 17 people on a 25 day cruise out of Vancouver to Osaka and on to Hong Kong. The majority of my group were single women. This cruise the dance hosts were very busy dancing with the ladies every night. The ladies enjoyed the cruise because the dance hosts added immeasurably to their holiday. Not only were the hosts dance partners but they were good company during the daily activities; chatting and interacting with the passengers. After the cruise some of the hosts kept in touch with passengers thus creating a rapport which leads to further cruises. Needless to say this is good for both your company and mine.

There is little doubt that "dance hosts" add considerably to the pleasures of cruising. Many ladies book only the cruises that have dance hosts. Do not let his program expire.

Yours truly,

A. Turner MCC
Travel Consultant, North South Travel and Tours Ltd.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Dear Lauretta,

I thought things went very well on the cruise. The cruise staff were very easy to work with, and seemed pleased with GH performance.

Included in photo is one of the Hosts with a reporter and a photographer from the Amsterdam newspaper.

They were on the ship from Copenhagen to Amsterdam doing a story. When they saw us and found out what we do they asked to interview us, which they did and they were very impressed, especially the fact that we do this as volunteers. They approached me the night before we got to Amsterdam, said they wanted to spend the day with us, show us Amsterdam and take pictures. We had been assigned to tours, which I told her; she went to the hotel manager and arranged for staff to replace us. So, we spent the day with them. We gave them The Working Vacation business card and they promised to send the article when published.


J. Zidel
Montreal, Canada

The Gentlemen Host program would provide me with an excellent opportunity to meet and enjoy world travelers. My qualifications, without doubt, equal or exceed many of those presently engaged. My web page should provide you with all the information needed in order for you to respond to this request.
A.G. Kirchner
Reno, NV

Long live Ballroom and Social Dancing. I found the information on this web page very interesting.

Thank you,
A. Martel
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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